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Workforce Grant Program Update

Earlier this year, we announced a new grant program to support the current and future workforce in Clinton County, NY. This program has been well received by the community so far, and we look forward to supporting additional projects this year. Applications are accepted and awarded on a rolling basis. Funds are still available, apply today!

Applicants are encouraged to leverage training opportunities from one of our many impressive local training solutions including, the Institute for Advanced Manufacturing at Clinton Community College, SUNY Plattsburgh, and CITEC.

We are excited to be supporting one of our tenant organizations in training a staff member in Lean Six Sigma. Their certification is being acquired through a course offered by CITEC and is being funded in part by TDC. This certification will increase productivity and employee satisfaction in the workplace. SpencerARL's Mitch Vermette comments, "SpencerARL is committed to building and retaining a quality workforce through continuing education, skills development, and advancement opportunities. We appreciate the support from TDC's Workforce Grant Program to help us further this mission, especially in light of the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Their contribution has afforded us the opportunity to provide continued education and development, as we look to utilize local education programs for our development initiatives. TDC’s grant program has given SpencerARL a means of strengthening our workforce intellectually, and presenting opportunities for advancement to our existing team members."

The mission of our organization is to “create and retain quality jobs and investments in our community”. For 60 years, we have been carrying out this mission by working to attract industry to the region and helping them establish a footprint in northern NY. We are committing to funding up to $15,000 to underwrite employee training and STEM career exploration. Our goal for this grant program is to help employers attract and retain top talent. The application is open to anyone who meets the minimal requirements found on the brief application. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and projects will be funded until the award funds are fully exhausted.

Anyone interested in learning more about the grant program or available training resources in our region is encouraged to contact us.

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