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Alphabet Soup: Oh Canada!

Have you ever considered what attracts a business to a certain community? Or why you chose to live where you do? Is it the proximity to and a variety of restaurants, entertainment opportunities, or places to work? Did you ever wonder what it took to make your neighborhood one that you WANT to live in? Behind every community is a group of businesses and individuals working to create positive change, those dedicated professionals are economic developers. Economic Development is more than meets the eye, which is why we’re pulling back the curtain to expose all of the moving parts behind making our community a great one to be a part of.  

When thinking about Canada, it’s easy to imagine the fresh baked baguettes, beautiful artwork hanging in museums, chest-thumping concerts, and endless shopping. Being so close to the Canadian border, Montreal and the surrounding suburbs are like a second home for most of the North Country residents. Did you ever stop to think how Canada plays a role in OUR lives? Canada is a major part of economic development in northern New York bringing tourists, businesses, and investments to our community.  

We rely heavily on our northern neighbors to help drive business to our region. Tourists visit the area for camping, shopping, hiking, and dining. Companies like Fenyx, Khrome, Delastek are able to establish a footprint here in the US, which provides them with strategic advantages while still being close to their corporate offices just across the border.  

“The best part of our geography is the location for economic developers. There is the international city of Montréal about 45 minutes away that allows companies to break into the U.S., while still being back home in time for dinner.” — Joel Wood, Director of NAmTrans

When economic developers think of Canada, there is much excitement over the investments and capital they bring to the Plattsburgh region. Investors want to be here for the location! The interstate is close to the border and connects two of the largest cities on the east coast, Montreal and New York City. We call it the Plattsburgh Advantage. When businesses choose to have a location in Plattsburgh, they provide quality jobs for residents to invest their money back into the local economy. This increases quality of life, which is key in economic development, residents can easily commute to work and enjoy the area on personal time.  

From the tourism side, Canadians are an asset to our economy. Money spent at stores, restaurants, gas pumps, and beaches all go to our local economy and help our infrastructure. With many Canadians visiting Plattsburgh, there are noticeable signs that say “Bienvenue” or exits with French translation. Next time you’re driving or shopping, see if you notice any French translations!

Hungry for more Alphabet soup? Read more! TDC’s Alphabet Soup blog series aims to demystify Economic Development and shed some light on our partners in the community who work to make Northern NY a great place to live and do business.

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