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Board Member Spotlight: Brian Gladwin

Board Member Spotlight: Brian Gladwin Vice President and Senior Commercial Banking Relationship Manager in NBT Bank’s Commercial Lending Division

Brian and his wife

Brian Gladwin, currently treasurer on our Board of Directors, is no stranger to our organization or the Plattsburgh business community. Brian has seen many businesses in our region succeed with the help of TDC and through his career in Commercial Banking. However, his time here hasn’t been all business — Brian is an avid sports fan. His friendly face can be seen playing cornhole with family and friends or watching a baseball game.

TDC is thankful to have Brain as a board member from years past to present, and we are grateful to his dedication of improving the community of northern New York.


What is your title within the community?
Vice President and Senior Commercial Banking Relationship Manager in NBT Bank’s Commercial Lending Division. Except for my time at TDC (3 years), my career has been in commercial lending (Key Bank and NBT Bank). Thirty-one years in banking, and I’ve been in the Plattsburgh market since 1993.

Brian at his desk when he was an employee at TDC

How long have you been involved with TDC?
I am not positive when looking at how long I have been involved with TDC. I am thinking mid to late 1990s. I think I have a degree of uniqueness when looking at my involvement with TDC. When I first came to Plattsburgh, I called on TDC as a commercial banker. Then I became a Board Member a few years later, and some years later I became an employee and worked at TDC for three years. After about two years after I left TDC to return to banking, I again joined the board, ultimately serving as Board Chairperson and some duration on the Executive Committee. It has been a good ride, and I take a lot of pride in the fact that I have had an opportunity to be involved with this top tier organization.

What is a memorable moment you’ve had being a part of this organization?
A lot of good and quite varied memorable moments. The most recent memorable moment was when we successfully completed the search for Paul Grasso’s successor and David Champagne was hired when I was Board Chair. We had a great team for the finding the successor task and believe that we were successful. As someone who has been “with” TDC for some time, I knew how critical the CEO position is to the company and to the community.

Brian and his wife explore the ADK Coast

Why do you think TDC has been successful for 60 years?
Great leadership, a commitment to excellence, the mission, and community has always been what drives TDC’s success. The Board and the staff at TDC have provided the elements needed to build and maintain a very successful organization. If not for the founders, we would not be having this dialogue. They set the standard. Sixty years is an amazing accomplishment. The changes I have witnessed and experienced have been remarkable.

What do you hope the next 60 years will bring to TDC?
If TDC continues its commitment to quality leadership in our community and to excellence, the next 60 years hold a lot of promise for TDC, for our community and for the region. TDC has evolved and adapted over time, and I am sure that this will continue, and that TDC will continue to be an organization that contributes to the future success of our community and region.

TDC just updated their logo and brand, what are your thoughts of the new look?
I was very much involved with the prior logo and brand when we had “TDC green”. I could not be more pleased with the updated logo and brand. TDC benefits from some very talented team members, board members, and business partners. It was no small task when looking at the change that was introduced and successfully delivered.

What makes Northern NY a great place to do business?
We don’t develop and thrive as a great place to do business without the leadership of TDC and the Plattsburgh-North Country Chamber of Commerce. In its simplest terms, there are just really good people here. A good place to raise a family, experience the seasons, have a career, breathe easier, and appreciate things more.

Throwback photo of Brian and his wife

What is the best part about living on the Adirondack Coast?
The Adirondack Coast is a great place to live and to raise a family. A great place in which to enjoy all four seasons — we are in close proximity to a number of terrific places (Lake Placid, Montreal, Burlington), and the community is welcoming, friendly, and cares about its people. I spurned life and a career in New York City for this area — a good decision.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
Outside of work, I enjoy relaxing at home with my wife, Jody, and sports consume a lot of my free time (mostly watching these days). I am an avid New York fan (Mets, Jets, Rangers, Knicks) and I just really enjoy sports. I do not play as much golf as I would like to, and I, at an age where athletic pursuits are not what they used to be, have developed some skills, and had a lot of fun with cornhole. A great excuse for friends and family to get together. I also enjoy history. I like watching documentaries, and I have a few TV series I follow.

TDC’s board of directors plays a large role in the success of the organization. Their leadership has helped to shape TDC into what it is today - helping hundreds of businesses grow and expand in the greater Plattsburgh region. The board of directors is composed of businessmen and women from across Clinton County. If you’d like to learn more about this group, contact us at

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