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Tenant Spotlight: Medisca


Medisca is a global corporation with locations throughout North America, Australia, and Europe, that contributes to healthcare by leveraging strong partnerships that deliver customized solutions with an unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. Backed by 30+ years and a strong foundation in pharmaceutical compounding, Medisca is a business-to-business company that delivers comprehensive offerings by providing value, consistency, responsiveness, and loyalty. From pharmaceutical compounding products and services, to supply chain solutions, mixing technology manufacturing, analytical testing, IP licensing, to education services and more – Medisca delivers extensive solutions that leverages a strong network of partners committed to deeply caring about people. As Partners in Wellness, Medisca offers an unfailing devotion to improving lives, across a multitude of needs and across a multitude of people.

Photo by Medisca

Combating Current Drug Shortages

Medisca has been a tenant of TDC for nearly 30 years. They will be also moving into Building 25, TDC's newest build this summer (2023) to expand their distribution needs under one roof in Plattsburgh, NY. As mentioned, Medisca is proud to be Partners in Wellness and by working on drug and healthcare solutions that ultimately impact consumers; they're improving the health of millions. Medisca's most recent devotion to healthcare is supporting the drug shortages across global markets. Parents and patients have probably noticed or even been impacted by shortages in common pain and fever medications, such as Acetaminophen, and antibiotics, such as amoxicillin, an essential antibiotic used to treat pediatric infectious diseases.

A drug shortage in itself is not a new phenomenon; it can occur as a result of manufacturing delays, lack of raw ingredients, or a sudden increase in the demand of a medication. Key amoxicillin manufacturers, across the globe, are reporting drug shortages that are anticipated to last several months. Being one of the most commonly prescribed antibiotics for children, the consequences of the unavailability of amoxicillin suspension are huge and can be life threatening (, 2023).

One of the safety nets that health authorities and providers rely on during a drug shortage is pharmaceutical compounding. Every day, providers across the globe rely on pharmaceutical compounding as a means to attain customized medications for patients that require a tailored approach. Prepared in accordance with a licensed practitioner’s prescription, pharmaceutical compounding involves preparing medications that are otherwise not commercially available but required for a given patient’s therapeutic plan – including tailored dosing (e.g., smaller doses for pediatric patients), tailored dosage forms (e.g., making something available in liquid format vs. a tablet or capsule), combining therapeutics for simplified regimens, among more. Considering commercial unavailability as a prerequisite for proceeding with a compounded medication, you can see how compounding plays a pivotal role in filling the gap during drug shortages – leveraging compounding pharmacist expertise to prepare medications on shortage. As a leader in the supply of pharmaceutical compounding products, Medisca plays an essential role in supporting compounders with meeting the drug shortage requirements by providing the raw ingredients, equipment, devices, formulation support, and more - needed to prepare the medication. Making medication accessible to all is at the forefront of Medisca’s mission; a mission that TDC is proud to support.

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