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The Plattsburgh Advantage

Plattsburgh’s geographic location offers businesses a strategic advantage. Situated just 30 minutes south of the Canadian border - a mere 60 miles (96.5km) from Montreal - and well within a day’s drive to New York City.

International Business Made Easy

The quick commute from Montreal to northern New York makes doing business in two countries a breeze. The Champlain Port of Entry offers Canadian companies access to Plattsburgh 24/7, every day of the year, making it simple to travel to oversee operations in our region.

When it comes to connectivity, Plattsburgh enjoys access to high speed broadband, meaning that staying connected to your team - whether they’re a few hours or a continent away - is as easy as pushing a button.

We have helped dozens of Canadian companies over the years set up shop in the U.S.


Easily Accessible by Truck, Train, Air & Sea

Plattsburgh is well-connected with the Interstate highway system. New York’s I-87 runs directly through the region, connecting us to New York City to the south and Route 15 and the Trans-Canada Highway to the north.

By Road

  • Via I-87 and I-90, all of the northeastern U.S. is accessible by truck within a day’s drive.
  • I-87 provides direct access to Canada just twenty miles north of Plattsburgh.
  • The Champlain Port of Entry is the most modern northern border crossing in the U.S. and the sixth-busiest Canada-U.S. commercial border crossing, with 2,000 commercial vehicles crossing per day.
  • Highway ramp entrances are located close to each of TDC’s industrial parks.

Helpful drive times:

By rail

Plattsburgh is located on the main rail line for Canadian Pacific, connecting New York City to Montreal. Canadian Pacific also maintains a partnership with Canadian National (CN) rail to provide alternate rail service, if required. A rail spur, already used for industrial purposes, runs to Plattsburgh International Airport.

For passengers, Amtrak’s famous Adirondack line (once named “one of the most beautiful train rides in the world” by National Geographic) runs from the Hudson Valley through the Adirondack Mountains, along Lake Champlain to Montreal. 


Aviation has been part of Greater Plattsburgh since the 1950s. What once was the Plattsburgh Air Force Base is now Plattsburgh International Airport (PBG), civilian airport and industrial complex, operated by the Plattsburgh Airbase Redevelopment Corporation (PARC). 

PBG continues to grow and expand, operating as a multi-purpose aviation and aerospace complex serving the entire Plattsburgh, Montréal, and Lake Placid Region, including northern New York State, southern Quebec, and Vermont.

Known as “Montréal’s U.S. Airport”, this massive site boasts quality infrastructure, intermodal capabilities, and a strategic location. There are exciting opportunities on offer for aviation-related businesses of all kinds

Other airports serving this area include:


Companies in Greater Plattsburgh, NY have access to major markets in the U.S, Canada and around the globe. Plus, we boast three large, deep water ports and quick access to some of the largest metropolitan areas in North America.

The Port of Montreal (and nearby Sorel/Tracy), the Port of New York and the Port of Albany are world-class deep-water seaports, each of which has the capacity to handle loading and off-loading of large pieces of containerized parts.

The Ports of Montreal and Sorel/Tracy are located within 60 miles of Plattsburgh. The Ports of Albany and New York provide alternate seaports within 150 and 300 miles, respectively. The canal system and Lake Champlain also present an opportunity for moving materials via barge directly to Plattsburgh. All three ports are open year-round.


  • The Port of Montreal is an international port linked to more than 100 countries around the world.
  • It handles some 20 million tons of highly-diversified cargo annually.
  • The Port of Montreal is a leader in the North Atlantic container market, serving year-round such markets as North Europe, the Mediterranean, Central Canada and the U.S. Midwest and Northeast.


  • The Port of New York and New Jersey is the gateway to the most concentrated and affluent consumer market in the world.
  • It is the largest port on the East Coast, and the third-largest in the United States.


  • Located on the Upper Hudson River, the Port of Albany/Rensselaer has been a historic transportation hub since the city was founded over 300 years ago.
  • The Hudson River provides access to the state’s extensive canal system.
  • Area roadways connect with major interstate highways.
  • Rail lines deliver cargo in close proximity to any location in North America.
  • Albany International Airport is only a 15 minute drive away.

New York State

Doing business in the Empire State provides you with a variety of opportunities and incentives, just one example is the 0% business income tax rate for qualified New York manufacturers. 

Our state boasts a high volume of public transportation equipment usage, meaning that businesses manufacturing such materials are perfectly suited to call Plattsburgh home - as our current transportation equipment manufacturing cluster shows. Our populace is highly educated, with many schools offering programs geared more toward technical, skilled labor.

Adirondack Coast Positive Work-life Balance

Known as a “micropolitan”, Plattsburgh, NY has the accessibility of a large metropolitan area with a more affordable cost of living, access to natural beauty, and 4-season climate. Enjoy skiing the high peaks of the Adirondacks in the winter, while spending your summer on the sandy beaches of Lake Champlain.

Proximity is really everything here, with the Canadian border, New York City, and the Adirondack Park all on our doorstep. This beautiful region offers access to urban centers while also providing the perfect atmosphere for a positive work-life balance.

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