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From the Intern’s Desk – A Recap of Summer 2021

I am not an early morning person. I like to sleep in my warm bed for as long as I can. Yet, whenever my days were to start at TDC I was eagerly waking up to get ready for the day!

Alyssa, Olivia & Dani

The past nine weeks that I’ve spent with TDC have been unforgettable. As a college student, interning is a crucial experience to gain life skills, connections, and knowledge about the field. Becoming an intern was something I needed and wanted to do but was nervous starting off my internship career in a new place with people I didn’t know. It is intimidating to walk into a room full of established professionals that have their lives together. But, when I first met with Danielle King and Alyssa Boczar, my nerves dissipated.

TDC has been such as amazing place to learn more about my corner of the world all while gaining practical experience in my future field of journalism and public relations. With my time here, I learned about different software applications, like Airtable, to help organize and sort data better and Constant Contact, to create and send TDC’s monthly e-newsletter. I created posts for TDC’s Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook pages. I collaborated with staff to plan future events, researched branded products for them.  I helped to gather content for and develop a blog series, Alphabet Soup, that highlights economic development in the North Country through the lens of someone new to the field (Stay tuned for more on the blog series!). The value of the hands-on work I’ve been a part of is insurmountable.

Interviewing Alyssa Senecal from the Adirondack Coast

The best parts of interning for TDC haven’t just been the projects, but the connections and people I have met! Throughout the development of a new blog series for the company, Dani and I would go to businesses around northern New York that played an active role in economic development, like the North Country Chamber of Commerce, Norsk Titanium, and North Country Workforce Development Board. It was amazing to see the manufacturing buildings and talking to professionals about what happens in our own backyard — so much occurs here that you don’t think about!

Representing Champ, the lake monster

TDC reassured me that I am on the right track for my future career. This organization has opened my eyes to the opportunities the North Country has for locals and visitors. I gained a deeper appreciation for where I grew up from the unique opportunities I was granted at TDC. I am sad that my time here is done, but the knowledge and connections I’ve made are priceless. I want to thank Danielle and Alyssa for being such great mentors and helping me become a better professional. I will deeply miss the fun I’ve had around the office and collaborating with the entire TDC team!

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