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Alphabet Soup: The Stereotypes of Manufacturing

Economic Development is more than meets the eye, which is why we’re pulling back the curtain to expose all of the moving parts behind making our community a great one to be a part of. When thinking about working in manufacturing, some not-so-nice, stereotypical thoughts may come to mind. Perhaps you imagine yourself at a conveyor belt assembling one object at a time for a mind-numbing amount of hours. We’re here to shout from the roof tops that those old ways of assembly line production are a thing of the past. Sure, you’re still helping to assemble parts to make a greater product, but today’s world of manufacturing is sleek, innovative, and full of opportunity.  

Companies, like Norsk Titanium, VaporStone Rail, Georgia Pacific, and Fujitsu, offer exciting jobs for people in the North Country that require collaborative work that utilizes new technology. Many of which offer on-the-job-training to learn how to use their advanced equipment. Manufacturing is more than making widgets, there is a full team that works together to make sure that products are meeting quality standards and supply demand. Aside from working on the manufacturing floor, there are professionals on all levels working towards the same goal of success. These companies employ engineers, technicians, supply chain managers, sales representatives, and human resource managers to help keep business running smoothly. This variety of job descriptions and skill levels adds value to the ‘work’ pillar of our economic developers’ goal of excellence in “Live, Work, Play.

“Manufacturing is not the slow and boring job that people think. There is constant growth in this industry niche, so we are focused on being ahead of competitors and always improving on our production process.” — Craig De Boos, Norsk Titanium Operations Manager

In Plattsburgh, Norsk Titanium, a high-tech additive manufacturing company, creates a jaw-dropping display of talents in the industrial world. Their employees collaborate on new ideas and projects that increase efficiency and effectiveness in their production. Georgia Pacific, one of the world’s leading makers of tissue, found a home in northern New York bringing resources and jobs to the area.

There are so many other companies in the North Country who are building products that are used across the globe. Their operations are set back in industrial parks that you may not even know exist, but they’re doing some fascinating work. If you’re curious to learn more about the companies working out of our region, visit our major manufacturing employers’ page.  

Manufacturing is a field that is constantly progressing and growing. Organizations need all types of brain power to create solutions to high-tech problems. These companies need people like you to help create the products of tomorrow.  

Hungry for more Alphabet soup? Read more! TDC’s Alphabet Soup blog series aims to demystify Economic Development and shed some light on our partners in the community who work to make Northern NY a great place to live and do business.  

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