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Alphabet Soup: An Introduction

Have you ever thought: How does a company find the North Country? Why are there so many crosswalks throughout Plattsburgh? What do Canadians and other visitors find so appealing about northern New York? So many questions to be answered! Interestingly enough, what ties all these questions together is the common goal to make our region an attractive place for residence, visitors, and potential businesses alike.

Before businesses, like Texas Roadhouse (what would we do without their amazing rolls and cinnamon butter?) or Norsk Titanium (high-tech additive manufacturing company) decide to call Plattsburgh their home, there is lots of work that goes on behind the scenes that many people don’t realize.

The planning and strategy, and years of persistence is how our community makes progress – and it all comes together by a core group of organizations and individuals driven by best practices for economic development.

Economic development brings more opportunities for the North Country than you may realize. It is the driving force behind attracting and retaining great companies and investments to our area. This in turn brings a betterment to the lives of people within the community. TDC is proud to be an integral part of economic development in our region.

Defining economic development can be tricky (but we gave it a shot). There are lots of tactics, strategies, planning, and investing that goes into supporting the greater good.

For those in the world of economic development, acronyms like CDBG, SBA and IDA are thrown around casually in conversation. However, this jargon can quickly make any newbie’s head spin! If something has three or more words in its title, it probably is referred to as an acronym. Which can quickly turn conversations into a big, bowl of alphabet soup – and the more immersed in the business you are, the longer the list of those alphabet soup letters grow!

We’ve set out on a mission to pull back the metaphorical curtain of economic development, break it down into digestible content, and document it all in our new, Alphabet Soup blog series.

We hope you’ll engage with us as we shed light on the amazing programs, planning, and people who work hard at making our corner of the world enjoyable!

Sit back, relax, and sip some alphabet soup with us!

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