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TDC is Zooming Into 2021

With a full year of a pandemic behind us, it is safe to say that a lot has changed over the course of a year.

Here at TDC, we have been able to quickly adapt to the changing environment of the pandemic, while maintaining a high-level of customer service to our tenants and to continuing to work with new and prospective tenants to our park. “The health and safety of our staff and board of directors has been at the forefront of every decision that we’ve made this past year,” explains President and CEO of TDC, David Champagne. “Our success over the past year is the result of the team working together and doing their part to stay current with the evolving mandates, safety requirements, and technology that makes working safely during a pandemic possible.” Adapting early on to videoconferencing and cloud-based file sharing are part of what made our team successful in transitioning in and out of remote work, as necessary. This is also how we were able to maintain consistent communication with our board of directors and tenants.

Video calling has become a daily occurrence in our office space. “In a lot of ways, video calling makes it easier for prospective tenants to have preliminary conversations with us,” shares TDC’s Business Development Manager, Danielle King.  “If a tenant is a good fit, we welcome a visit to the space in person, with proper safety precautions in place.” Having the ability to meet virtually and having that method of communication become more widely acceptable, has made it possible for us to connect on a more personal level with prospective companies from anywhere in the world. “We also recently refreshed our website to include more details about each of our buildings, which has become such a vital tool for this largely digital era we’ve been living in,” King also remarks. TDC’s new website,, launched earlier this year and features photos of TDC buildings and resources for businesses operating out of or looking to operate out of northern NY.

Aside from helping companies find space to grow their business, we continue to help managers navigate establishing their operations in a new city or even a new country. Having close ties to the North Country Chamber of Commerce, we have been able to help tenants connect with the appropriate parties to help navigate the unprecedented circumstances at the northern border. We look forward to the day that the border can open safely, and we welcome visitors freely into our parks, but until then we are more than willing to meet and work with companies within the current mandates.

Our staff is optimistic about the future, with the steady increase of vaccine distribution and the availability of technology that makes working in a safe environment possible. We are looking forward to returning to more in person meetings, but for the time being feel like moving forward cautiously is the safest way to operate.

Looking to expand your business into northern, NY? View our list of available properties. If you are unable to travel to Northern NY but want to learn more, we are happy to set up a virtual meeting to answer any questions you may have.

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