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Our history

TDC has a great story to tell

Incorporated in 1961, first as New Industries of Clinton County, followed by Clinton County Area Development Corporation, and later The Development Corporation. Now, 60 years later, we are known simply as TDC.   

Our Grassroots Beginning

Our founders worked tirelessly to promote the region, with billboards, trade publications and even personalized tours of the area used to encourage interest, investment, and growth into our community. Committed to the cause, marketing efforts were often funded straight from our founders’ own pockets.

Building on Success

In looking for a way to financially support its business operations, TDC discovered a fix to the infrastructure dilemma (the expense of constructing a building to start or move operations to Plattsburgh was cost-prohibitive to many prospective businesses) and in 1973, TDC built its first industrial building, located on Military Turnpike. Since then we’ve only grown; working hard to build, sell, and acquire many buildings hosting a variety of businesses in the Plattsburgh region.

Supporting the next generation of business

Our organization is proud to have deep roots in this community and we work hard to innovate and collaborate in the journey of economic growth. Over the course of six decades, TDC has invested in hundreds of thousands of square feet of industrial space for businesses to grow and expand.

We’re excited for another 60 years of fostering quality economic growth in Northern New York!

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