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TDC Groundbreakers Series


Thank you for submitting your nominations, we have chosen three "Groundbreakers" to be featured in our film series. Congratulations to the following chosen nominees.

  • Jessica Kogut, Planner - Town of Plattsburgh
  • Austin Rabideau, Production Associate - Schluter Systems
  • Heather Tucker, Plant Manager - Imeco Cables

About the GrounDbreakers Series

The past few years have been a whirlwind of adversity. Through it all, there have been standouts in our region who have shown grit, resilience, and leadership. TDC wants to celebrate those in the Clinton County industrial community who show those qualities and inspire others to persevere. These individuals not only contribute to local growth and success by impacting their workplace, but their community and beyond.  

The goal of this new video series, “TDC Groundbreakers” is twofold. The series aims to acknowledge the difficulties our community has faced through the pandemic, and to highlight the stories of those who have persevered and supported their teams and community through creative solutions, leadership, and strength of character. We have chosen a video series for this project to authentically learn about our community members and their pathways; pathways that can be extremely influential to others as they are deciding on college, changing jobs, or beginning their career. Content will be published on our social media channels including YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. They will also be featured on our website,

If you have further questions, please contact us at and we will be happy to help.

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