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From the President's Corner: Growth in the North Country

If you look around, you might notice there is a lot of growth in the region! Car dealerships are putting up new facilities, a local business is looking to build an outdoor theater, Clinton County is working with businesses to locate on the old County Airport, and the Town of Plattsburgh continues to report new commercial and industrial growth.  Businesses like Novabus and Wabtec Corporation are reporting new contracts that will have positive impacts on jobs, which will continue to put Plattsburgh on the national map.

At TDC we are growing too!  If you drive down Tom Miller Road, you will see the signs of a new industrial development in our Banker Road Park.  We recently had a groundbreaking ceremony for a new 60,000 sq ft industrial space with a scheduled completion date of March 2023.  As the Banker Road Industrial Park expands it will continue to be an important piece of available facilities for businesses and the Park is positioned well for future expansion  in the region. Throughout the last two years TDC occupancy has been close to 100% which has driven us to break ground this second 60,000 sq ft facility during this period.  The building of two 60,000 sq ft industrial facilities, as well as our new offices in our Air Industrial Park in 2020, has positioned TDC to have a unique proximity to future expansion within the industrial development of the old Clinton County Airport property.

The level of interest in our current open spaces and our new building remains strong.  At TDC we believe it is important to have available space for expansion for our current tenant businesses and space for new businesses recognizing Plattsburgh as the place to locate their operations.  TDC will continue to look for opportunities to create quality jobs in the region by building on our current land and keeping an eye out for acquisitions of property in the region.  

626 Tom Miller Road

To find out more about our facilities and mission to create quality jobs in the region reach out to Dani King our Director of Business and Workforce Development at TDC.

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