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Board Member Spotlight: Paige Bouyea Raville

Board Member Spotlight: Paige Bouyea Raville, Vice President of Lakeside Container Corporation

A life-long North Country resident, Pagie Bouyea Raville, has seen a lot of the success and growth in northern New York. Paige is the Vice President of Lakeside Container Corporation and a proud board member of TDC. As owner of half of Lakeside Container, Paige is busy overseeing the functions of packaging for companies in New York and Vermont. However, in her free time, she loves to spend time outside with her family on the great Adirondack Coast.

TDC is lucky to have Paige as a board member since 2017, and we are grateful her dedication to furthering the advancements of northern New York.


What is your title within the community?
Wife, daughter, aunt, friend and I am the Vice President of Lakeside Container Corporation.

How long have you been involved with TDC?
Since 2017.

What would the community be surprised to learn about TDC?
TDC is not just a landlord. While they lease and maintain buildings, there is so much more that they contribute to the overall wellness of our area. The work TDC does helps the community and northern New York become more successful. The organization continually strives to improve employment rates, create symbiotic partnerships across industries, and support education programs aligned with getting students interested in career opportunities prevalent in the north country.

What is a memorable moment being a part of this organization?
Seeing all the new, fresh faces at TDC — especially Danielle King, who happens to be my niece. It has been so rewarding to see her succeed, she is a perfectionist, like me, and works hard at her job, I love to see the fruits of her labor pay off first hand. I knew it would be a great opportunity for TDC and Dani. I am so proud and happy for her!

Why do you think TDC has been successful for 60 years?
It is how they treat their tenants. TDC is always going the extra mile for businesses in their buildings and the business community at large. They are successful because they keep working toward a better future and have a dedicated board with a broad spectrum of expertise to help lead the way. TDC does more than invest in buildings, they invest in the future of our region.

What do you hope the next 60 years will bring for TDC?
Buy, build and broaden! The more growth TDC and their tenants have, then the better off the entire community will be.

TDC just updated their logo and brand, what are your thoughts of the new look? I love it! I was so excited to be on the committee that helped choose the new logo. When all the potential designs were being looked at, everyone gravitated toward this one. The new logo not only looks sleek, but it represents the organization perfectly with the design showcasing the new building and the mountains.

What makes northern New York a great place to do business?
It’s truly the people. We all care for each other and help create a friendly atmosphere. There’s a certain mentality in the North Country that keeps success flowing because we all want to continue bettering our region. Home is northern New York!

What is the best part about living on the Adirondack Coast?
It’s a great place to experience all the seasons, and there are so many fun activities to do with loved ones! I have never lived anywhere else, and it would be hard to when all my family and friends are here. I love what I do for a living and what makes it the best is going home to my family at the end of the day.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
I love being outdoors! My husband and I spend a lot of time boating on Lake Champlain, but when we are not on the water, we love to golf. During the winter months, I used to go skiing frequently, however, I find I go snowshoeing more now. Above all, I love spending time with my family.

Who was your mentor growing up?
My father, who is now 90 years old. I am still in the greater Plattsburgh region today because of my family and their importance to me. While growing up, I never heard my dad speak about himself. He was always asking other people, “What can I do for you?” My brother and I took over Lakeside Container from our dad, and I strive to keep his mentality with me.

TDC’s board of directors plays a large role in the success of the organization. Their leadership has helped to shape TDC into what it is today - helping hundreds of businesses grow and expand in the greater Plattsburgh region. The board of directors is composed of businessmen and women from across Clinton County. If you’d like to learn more about this group, contact us at

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