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Alphabet Soup: Tourism

Tourism helps increase quality of life and bring investments into a community. This is especially true in the North Country. Tourism plays a critical role in economic development by bringing visitors to northern New York and keeps them coming back time and time again!
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Alphabet Soup: The Stereotypes of Manufacturing

We’re here to shout from the roof tops that those old ways of assembly line production are a thing of the past and additive manufacturing is the future.
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Alphabet Soup: The Workforce Pipeline

A big part of economic development is creating and retaining jobs, and building a strong, reliable workforce is an ever-going task. The workforce pipeline is imperative to communities. It starts by exposing youth to all of the exciting career opportunities right in their neighborhood.
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TDC Groundbreakers Series

TDC wants to celebrate those in the Clinton County industrial community who have shown those qualities and inspire others to persevere. These individuals not only contribute to local growth and success by impacting their workplace, but their community and beyond.
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Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics at Beekmantown School

Beekmantown Middle School was the recipient of a TDC education grant three years ago. This month, four long-time board members toured the school to see how our support came to fruition. We left the school in awe of what the STEAM program was able to accomplish in three years while navigating through the COVID-19 pandemic.
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A TDC 2022 Goal: Reducing Waste

Follow us as we follow the "Rs of Sustainability." Rethink, refuse, reduce, repurpose, reuse, rot and recycle.
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Alphabet Soup: Oh Canada!

This blog post paying tribute to our neighbors to the north. As the border restrictions finally have eased, we celebrate Canada!
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Women in Manufacturing: Vapor Stone Rail Systems

Five women from Vapor Stone Rail Systems tell us their "Why" and their "How." Some had their family to inspire them into the industry of manufacturing some had educational pursuits. All participants featured certainly contribute to the success of Vapor Stone Rail Systems, the Wabtec Corporation and our manufacturing region.
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Women in Manufacturing: Tammy Sherman

Tammy Sherman has spent the past 22 years with Fujitsu Frontech North America and she shares with us some secrets of her success. Her first bit of advice is to work hard!
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Women in Manufacturing: Heather Tucker

North Country native, Heather Tucker credits her roots, flexibility to learn on the job, and her former mentor to her success in the manufacturing industry. She also reminds us that failure is ok and a key part of learning.
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Women in Manufacturing: Michelle Sahai

Michelle is the Plant Manager at Khrome USA, learn how the combination of STEM and the Arts helped her succeed.
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Women's History Month: Women in Manufacturing

Follow us on social media to stay updated on this series! We will be sharing the women working in our parks that literally keep us moving.
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Celebrating Black-owned Businesses in Clinton County

TDC is celebrating this important national dedication by spotlighting Black-owned businesses in Clinton County. These three businesses enrich our community with their commitment to culture, arts, partnerships, local history and the sense of community itself.
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Alphabet Soup: Local Look Inside

A look at Plattsburgh from a local’s perspective.
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Alphabet Soup: Live, Work, Play

TDC is pulling back the curtain on all things Economic Development. Follow this new blog series for an interesting and educational prospective on what it takes to make a community a great place to live, work, and play. Live, work, play: a phrase used a lot in economic development to describe exactly what they want their community achieve...
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Alphabet Soup: What is Economic Development

Economic Development. Two words smooshed together to create a definition grander than the sum of its parts. Read more to understand how this small phrase makes a big impact on our community.
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Alphabet Soup: An Introduction

TDC is pulling back the curtain on all things Economic Development. Follow this new blog series for an interesting and educational prospective on what it takes to make a community a great place to live, work, and play.
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