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Welcome to the Park, KHROME

TDC is thrilled to announce that KHROME Product-Transport will be joining other transportation equipment manufacturers in Air Industrial Park. KHROME is operating out of 88 Industrial Blvd, in close proximity to TDC’s newest 60,000 SF building and administrative office.

KHROME is a systems integrator and component manufacturer for the mass transit sector. Established over 15 years ago, this Quebec based company has participated in major development and manufacturing projects for North America’s leading authorities in the Public Mass Transit Sector. In 2013, KHROME acquired Multina Seats and Interiors’ drawings and intellectual property as well as the former CROI Drummondville Plant. 2015 was a pivotal year for the company, and since then they have seen constant growth and have established themselves as a major player in the market in North America.

“The recent unprecedented border closure has made it difficult for current and prospective tenants to continue their operations as usual”, remarks Danielle King, Business Development Manager for TDC. “It was welcome news to hear representatives from KHROME were able to secure a plan to begin their U.S. operations. We are thrilled to have them join the business community in Air Industrial Park.” KHROME was able to begin on September first and has been busy establishing their Plattsburgh facility since then.

Locally in Plattsburgh, KHROME USA, as an integrator, will be providing supplies for the rail industry. Their staff in Air Industrial Park will be cutting, gluing, assembling, finishing, inspecting, and packaging seats, panels, and toilet modules primarily for rail cars. Their team is highly experienced in design, development, and manufacturing. Understanding that their staff is their most valuable resource, KHROME invests in each of their employees to properly train them and educate them on their proprietary information.

Plattsburgh, NY came out on top of the company’s list of potential U.S. locations for the company’s expansion.  KHROME USA’s Director and U.S. Project Manager, André Dumont, commented, “We knew that in Plattsburgh we would find good people to help KHROME continue its growth”. He also stated the impressive number of businesses in the transportation industry co-located in the area as well as the positive impact that the North Country Chamber of Commerce and subsidiary NAmTrans has had on their transition into the area. TDC is also excited to be a part of this organization’s continued growth.

“KHROME is another outstanding addition to our growing transportation equipment manufacturing cluster,” states Garry Douglas, President of the North Country Chamber of Commerce. “We have had the pleasure of working with KHROME toward this location in Plattsburgh in collaboration with TDC, including our red carpet service for Canadian companies, involving Matt Boire, and plugging them into all of the special services of NAmTrans, our North American Center of Excellence for Transportation Equipment. We thank them for their confidence as they establish their U.S. operations here and look forward to working with them for many years to come. Onward and upward!”

“The board and staff of TDC are excited to welcome KHROME to Plattsburgh, NY,” states TDC President and CEO David Champagne, “we wish them continued success as they grow their presence in the U.S.”

KHROME USA expects to grow its staff by eight to ten employees over the course of the next twelve months. Interested candidates should email their resume to

To learn more about what KHROME does, visit their website

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