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From the President’s Corner – A Mid-year Review

Reflecting on the first half of this year, it is remarkable to see how much has changed. The global pandemic has left its mark on us, from the way we live to the way we operate our businesses. The pandemic opened our eyes to the way that we rely on one another across the globe and how we can all pull together in the face of adversity. While many of us are still pivoting and finding the best way to operate during the ‘new normal’, one thing is for sure, how we operate today and tomorrow will be different from how we did prior to the outbreak of COVID-19.

Businesses across the country, including many of our tenants, had to temporarily slow and even suspend their operations and are just starting to get back to work, taking a critical look at the way they do business. From the health and safety of their employees to the supply chain necessary for operation, new policies and practices are being put into place so that our tenants, their employees, and suppliers feel comfortable operating in today’s environment. Our people are our lifeline and protecting them in the workplace is critical to our success. As businesses in the North Country reevaluate supply chains and embrace regional suppliers, TDC is ready and willing to help bring the necessary support business into our parks. We are also hyper-aware of the impact that the ongoing restrictions on travel across the northern border has on our local business community. Its critical to get the border re-opened for all so that current and future tenants have easy access to the Plattsburgh region. Our business community’s relationship with Canada cannot be overstated.

Through the pandemic, TDC has been working remotely to continue the mission of our organization. We have adjusted our goals set at the beginning of the year to better reflect the current climate that we are in and are optimistic as we look to the final part of this year. Fortunately, we have been able to move forward with our plans to build a new office space and are very excited to announce the addition of a 60,000 SF industrial space to Air Industrial Park. This new building will be suitable for manufacturing and can support up to three tenants in separate 20,000 SF suites, each with their own private entrance and office space. While we have no tenants lined up to fill the space yet, we are confident that we will have signed leases by the time the building is ready to be occupied in early 2021. If you are interested in this new space, be sure to contact us at your earliest convenience to learn more about how TDC can help you with your manufacturing and warehousing needs. The investment in this new building speaks to the dedication of the organization and our board of directors to our mission of providing quality space for economic expansion to create and retain quality jobs in the region.

The first half of the year has been a difficult one to say the least. The Development Corporation understands the difficulties of the current climate and hope our tenants, families, and suppliers are remaining safe during these difficult times. To our tenants and business community in the Plattsburgh region, we hope you feel comfortable reaching out if you need any help. Our staff is made up of multifaceted individuals and we pride ourselves on being flexible and innovative in the face of challenging situations. When we started this year, we knew change would be a constant, we just didn’t realize how much. As we look to the end of the year, we are preparing to transition into our new permanent office location on Industrial Boulevard and are getting ready to celebrate 60 years of business in the community. Just like the founders of TDC back in 1961, we are optimistic, preparing for growth, and looking towards the next 60 years.

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