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TDC Supports Local Workforce Development Through Grant Program

This has been a challenging year for all businesses. Whether your supply chain was disrupted, or your staff decided not to return to work, we understand that keeping your business running smoothly in the middle of a pandemic is no easy task.

This year we debuted a new workforce grant program. Our goal was to find an easy and effective way to support workforce development in Clinton County, NY. We took a two-pronged approach to growing and maintaining the workforce in our region. Funding in this program can be used by businesses in the county who wish to invest in training their current staff OR funding can be used to help create awareness of STEM job opportunities in our region.

For employers: This grant program was designed to help take the financial burden off employers to invest in additional skills training for their employees.

For educators: this program was designed to create STEM career exploration opportunities.

The application is open to anyone who meets the minimal requirements found on the brief application. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and projects will be funded until the award funds are fully exhausted.


The mission of our organization is to “create and retain quality jobs and investments in our community”. For 60 years, we have been carrying out this mission by working to attract industry to the region and helping them establish a footprint in northern NY.
Anyone interested in learning more about the grant program or available training resources in our region is encouraged to contact us.

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