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From the President’s Corner – February 2020

2020 will be a year of positive change for TDC and the entire Plattsburgh business community.

Entering a new decade gives us an opportunity to reflect on where we’ve come from, where we’re going, and build on opportunities which allow us to continue on a path for the most success. Often, this means pivoting and changing plans to best fit with a desired outcome. Some changes are easy to spot and have driving factors, while other changes are brought on organically without much notice at all. What remains true, however, is that change is a constant and is often uncontrollable. What matters most, is how we respond to change and find ways to use it to an advantage.

At TDC, we are embracing change and using it as a catalyst for growth across the region. You may have noticed some new faces among TDC staff – we have spent the last six months rebuilding our staff and capabilities to best meet the needs of the organization. We have also recently changed our address. Vacating our space on Banker Road created an opportunity for one of our current tenants, Northern Culinary, to grow their operations. This is a positive change that we were excited to be a part of and wish Northern Culinary success as they expand their operations into their new space. We plan to change our address again soon into an office space of our own within our Air Industrial Business Park. In the coming months, you will learn more about our staff, our new office space, and how we plan to grow our business.

This year, TDC has set forth goals to inspire positive change in our business parks and in our business operations.

We plan to:

  • Support our tenants’ efforts to obtain, train, and retain a skilled workforce
  • Develop a new industrial space for new or current tenants to use in our Air Industrial Park
  • Expand our marketing efforts to better reach businesses looking to locate in our region
  • Explore alternate power solutions in our parks in an effort to reduce the carbon footprint of our tenants and residents in the Plattsburgh area

With unemployment rates decreasing and a demand for industrial space increasing, TDC is planning to make investments to take advantage of these compelling opportunities in the region.

These are exciting times in the North Country. We expect, with your support, and our partnerships in the region this decade can have unprecedented growth.

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