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les parcs industriels du TDC

Setting the Regional Standard

TDC takes an enormous amount of pride in our buildings, continuously investing in their upkeep and maintaining a rapid response to any tenant issues that arise.

This is just one of the reasons our industrial parks bring considerable value to companies looking to join the diverse industrial community in Northern New York. Our team works tirelessly to help a wide variety of industries grow their businesses into one of our excellent industrial facilities.

Proximity is Everything

TDC’s business parks are conveniently located right in the heart of the Town of Plattsburgh, NY. This situates us just 30 minutes south of the Canadian border and a mere 60 miles (96.5km) from Montreal.

This region is also known as the “Adirondack Coast” - and for good reason! Within a 20 minute drive lies the breathtaking beauty of the Adirondack Mountains. If you prefer ponds to peaks, you’re in luck; Lake Champlain is right there, offering one of the largest freshwater beaches in America with gorgeous views of the Green Mountains of Vermont. 

When it comes time to work, you will find that our business parks are within easy reach of many different aspects of manufacturing supply chains, and that they are a straight shot to New York City with access to highway, rail, and seaport transportation.

Proximity is really everything here, with the Canadian border, New York City, and the Adirondack Mountains all on our doorstep. This beautiful region offers access to urban centers while also providing the perfect atmosphere for a positive work-life balance.

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