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Board of Directors

TDC is guided by a volunteer Board of Directors made up of community members who are dedicated to fostering an environment that creates and retains quality jobs and investments in the community.

TDC Officers & Directors 2021

Nathan Wilson, Chairperson
Allen J. Racine, Jr.
, Vice-Chairperson
Brian Gladwin
, Treasurer
Jesse Ringer
, Secretary
David F. Champagne III
, President and CEO, TDC

Members of the Board of Directors:

Chris Boire
Alan B. Booth
Paige Bouyea Raville
Nina D. Coolidge
Hope Coryer
Kjell Dahlen, M.D.
Vicki Demarse-Giroux
Chris Demers
Ray Di Pasquale
Donald Duley
Alexander Enyedi
Roderic G. Giltz
Thom Gosrich
Richard Grant, Ph.D.
Chris Hay
Richard Knight
Michelle LeBeau
Vicki A. Marking
David Merkel, III
Devi Momot
Robert Parks
Jon Poissant
Lee Pray
Jeff Rendinaro
Anthony D.J. Searing, P.E.
Matthew Spiegel

Directors’ Emeriti:

Robert C. Smith

TDC Committees:

Executive Committee – Nathan Wilson, Chairperson
Board Development – Alan Booth, Chairperson
Building/Real Estate – TBD, Chairperson
Education and Workforce Development – Rick Grant, Ph.D., Chairperson
Finance – Brian Gladwin, Chairperson
Audit – Jeff Rendinaro, Chairperson
Business Attraction and Retention – Vicki A. Marking, Chairperson
Personnel – Robert Parks, Chairperson

About our Board

TDC’s Board of Directors plays a large role in the success of the organization. Their leadership has helped to shape TDC into what it is today - helping hundreds of businesses grow and expand in the greater Plattsburgh region. If you’d like to learn more about this group, contact us at info@tdcnny.com

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